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Simple to learn, simple to understand, simple to use, simply enough.

Taking an Innovative Approach to ERP
After years of research, Servora drew on its findings identifying benefits and drawbacks of an ERP implementation. Findings show several contributing factors for a failed ERP implementation. Complexity of the ERP system, implementation length, and higher training costs contribute to a failed ERP implementation (See Cost Savings). Over the years, Servora's ERP platform has been optimized to satisfy customers' demands and feedback. While achieving perfection is a lifelong process, Servora will continue to evolve for years to come.

Eliminating Complexities to User-Interface
The complexity of an ERP system can be daunting and cause difficulties for users learning and operating the system. As a result, Servora was designed so that its platform would be user-friendly while maintaining its usefulness and flexibility in handling many different functions of the work environment.

Efficient Training Programs
Our training instructors have spent years and countless hours creating a training program that focuses and addresses problems of other ERP implementation programs. An effective implementation of Servora's training program is quicker and more cost-effective than other ERP systems.

Support Available when Needed
A team of individuals will be dedicated to assisting you integrate Servora into your daily business operation. We will work step-by-step until everyone at your company is familiar and adept at using the system. The switch to Servora's ERP system might be the easiest and most beneficial decision you make.