Website Integration
Leverage the Internet
Using the web for your business advantage.

Streamlining your Business Online

Bridging your Backend to your Website
Servora is the instrument to help maintain and centralize your entire business operation by streamlining your backend data/information with your website. Servora's Web Integration provides real-time data allowing immediate decisions to be made when necessary. In addition to being cost-effective and offering a quick implementation timeline, the benefits of using Servora Enterprise Solutions are endless (See Cost Savings, See Simple).

Always Displaying Real-Time Data and Information
The days of customer frustration due to backorders are gone forever. Since the website is directly tied to Servora Enterprise Solutions, your product's inventory count will always be accurate and an alert will automatically be sent out when a product's inventory falls below a pre-set quantity level. Reports can immediately be generated to display information regarding product sales, internet sales, and etc (See Real-Time Reporting).

Strengthening Ties with your Customers & Vendors
Servora Website Integration allows you to contact Customers & Vendors with ease and precision. Any customer or vendor information submitted through your website will automatically be displayed in Servora Enterprise Solutions (See Customer Center, See Vendor Center).

A Streamlined Ecommerce System
With Servora ecommerce system, we allow your business to reach your highest potential, interact with a larger number of individuals, provide product/service information, sell products, track orders, manage orders, and promote via online marketing. All information submitted on your website will automatically be recorded in Servora Enterprise Solutions. Any changes and updates made on the backend will automatically be reflected on the Website. We also offer other website options to fulfill your company's needs (See Websites).