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Servora Ultimate Security: Always safe, always secure

Protecting your Company's Information
Servora understands that your company's information is sensitive and must be protected at all times. As a result, Servora delivers a high level of security with its revolutionary ERP system. Servora offers multiple levels of security that give you peace of mind when you sleep at night.

Data Center Security
Servora's data centers are securely protected and include several contingency plans in case of any natural disasters. Servora's data centers are located in downtown Los Angeles and the building meets all standard earthquake and fire safety codes. The data centers are retrofitted with HVAC, internet connectivity, and redundant power. Servora offers redundancy across its entire operation which eliminates the concern of any downtime. The system servers are protected behind a firewall preventing unauthorized access from an outside source.

Application Security
From the moment you log into Servora's ERP system your connection is encrypted with an encrypted 128-bit SSL. Within the system, roles can be assigned and information can be restricted based on the end user's role. This way you can limit the number of employees with whom you want to share particular information. The system also detects idle connections and automatically logs the user off to prevent unauthorized use. In addition, the system will automatically lock out a user's account after repeated failed login attempts.

User Security
All employees in your company will be assigned an User Identity on Servora Enterprise Solutions. All activity on Servora Enterprise Solutions is recorded so any data/resource misuse can be identified and employee daily activities can be supervised. In addition, Servora User Security allows administrator to move quickly to enable or disable users as needed.