Employee Records
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Store Employee Records and Track Employee Audit Trail

Employee Records stores employee information, defines the user roles of each employee, and logs employees' audit trail. User roles permit or restrict your employees to access certain files and are an essential element in Internal Controls. By defining the user roles of each employee who has access to Servora Enterprise Solutions, you can track how your employees are utilizing your business data. This allows you to easily supervise all your employees regarding their daily activity and data usage.

Employee Work Location
If you have multiple offices, each individual employee can be assigned to their designated work location. Data access can be restricted according to the different office branches. Time stamps for work completion will automatically apply and adjust to their local time to avoid any confusion.

Employee Roles
Employee Roles allow you to define the hierarchy of your company positions. Employee Roles can be used to restrict data access of employees with minimal clearance. Business operations that require confirmation will also be routed to employees in a senior position for approval.

User Type
User Type defines whether an employee is a standard user or other types of user. User Type is another way of permitting or restricting data access rights on an individual basis.

User Groups
If you have cross-functional teams, User Groups allow you to select the team members so each team member has equal data access rights. This gives you the flexibility in sharing corporate data to achieve optimum results.

User Profile
Each of your employees will have a user profile that includes their general profile and individual contact information. Since photos, employee number, and other information are listed, you can easily identify your employees. This is especially helpful for large corporations.

Employee Audit Trail
Whenever an employee edits, deletes, or updates any information to Servora Enterprise Solutions, a timestamp and record of the employee who made the data change will be logged. This allows you to easily track employees who executed the change.