Internal Controls
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Prevent Employee Misuse of Company Data

Internal Controls prevent employee misuse of company data and resources. It protects your data against internal misuse by restricting data access across your organization. Employees from a certain department can be restricted from data in other departments. Furthermore, you can restrict employees from the same department from accessing data/information of a different employee within the same department.

Internal Controls provide an additional level of protection concerning your data/information from external intrusion. As a security precaution, you can routinely reset all user passwords to prevent your sensitive business data from being compromised. You can also set login restrictions to avoid your employee accounts from being compromised. With a double layer protection from both internal and external threats, you can be confident that your information is safely protected, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Data Access Restrictions
Employees should only be given access to certain data/information across your organization. Data Access Restrictions allows you to restrict an employee's access to specific data/information. Data Access Restrictions keeps your employees focused on their work without interfering with information specified for their colleagues, therefore avoiding potential problems.

File Sharing Rules
Sensitive data/information can be restricted across and within departments. File Sharing Rules allow you to define the rules of how your employees view and interact with that information. File Sharing Rules are easy to use and takes pre-emptive action to avoid potential problems.

Team File Sharing Rules
Team File Sharing Rules allows managers and executives to give additional clearance to specific employees who need more data/information in order to complete their tasks. Team File Sharing Rules is easy to use and provides the flexibility in allowing employees to work efficiently together.

Login Restrictions
When an unauthorized attempt is made to access restricted data from an individual user account, that user account will automatically be locked out for a period of time. This hard-lined approach prevents your data from being compromised.

Password Policies
Password Policies allow you to define the rules of password length for accounts with Servora Enterprise Solutions. Password rules can be set by defining a minimal number of characters, numbers, and symbols in each user's password. This allows the flexibility of setting the strength of your password security.

Password Reset
Password Reset allows a user with senior level clearance to instantly generate new passwords to replace old passwords for employees with lower clearance. Password Reset allows you to quickly replace forgotten passwords or respond to any threats of compromised passwords.