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“Servora had simplified our day to day operations by so much that we can all focus on growing our business instead of running our business.”

-Nick La, General Manager

Lexor Inc.  [ Manufacturing Industry ]
Location: Westminister, CA
Software that wouldn't work: In-house CRM, MS Excel, NewWay Service
Situation: Each department were using different software, creating a paper trail that is both inefficient and prone to errors.
Results: Servora's solutions streamlined Lexor's entire business process, which increased operational efficiency and provided business intelligences to further grow their business.
The Challenge
  • Each department used an independent system in which orders were filled independent of one another, resulting in endless paper trails and a scatter of customer files between various storage systems. The use of different systems created an inefficient business process that was susceptible to errors and caused difficulty of locating and correcting human errors in each of their transactions.
  • Customers called in several times disguising their identity in attempt to receive the best price quotes among the company’s sales representatives. Their sales department needed a tool to check for lead duplication.
  • The productions department needed a tool to easily locate each work order and monitor its assembly status. They also needed to track the work productivity of each individual assembly worker.
  • The warehouse department needed a way to track all of their inventory items from their pedicure chair parts to their completed pedicure chairs.
  • The customer service department needed a way to authenticate whether each of their returned merchandises was within the warranty period.
The Solution
  • Lexor turned to Servora’s ERP solutions that encompassed all of Lexor’s departments to streamline their entire business operation under one system.
  • Servora’s lead duplicate verification gave their sales the ability to identify whether incoming leads were new or existing.  
  • Servora’s Productions Module delivers the ability to track the work status of all work orders that were assigned to multiple assembly workers in real-time.
  • Lexor’s warehouse implemented Servora’s Product and Inventory solutions to track each of their items using matrix items and bill of materials.
  • Lexor’s warehouse implemented serialized inventory helped verify warranties, and assisted in tracking a specific inventory item back to the original vendor.
The Results
  • With the implementation of Servora’s ERP solutions into their business operations, Lexor’s business operations were streamlined across all departments. Work productivity increased as the average time spent on completing the same tasks was reduced by at least 30%.
  • Servora’s lead duplicate verification prevented sales commission disputes amongst the sales representatives. This increased collaboration allowed the sales department to close more sales and increase their profit margins.
  • Work productivity rose as the work progress of each assembly worker was monitored. In-progress work orders could now easily be changed or called off to prevent committing further resources into completing a non-sellable product.
  • Categorizing their inventory items for internal use was significantly simplified which facilitated an easier inventory control of all their inventory items.
  • With serialized inventory, customer service was able to easily verify warranties. Lexor was able to pull up customer’s warranties and no longer needed to ship product replacements for customers with expired warranties. This eliminated extra resources increased their profit margins while sustaining customer satisfaction.