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"Unify Communications with Professional Email Templates"

Email Templates simplifies communication across your company with basic and customizable email templates. With basic email templates, you can easily communicate with your leads, contacts, vendors, and colleagues in just a few clicks. With the customizable email templates, you can inform individuals regarding more specific-based knowledge or changes within your company. Servora Email Templates allow you to communicate quickly with others and provide the information they need in order to build stronger relationships.

Automated System Emails
Automated Emails notifies your customers, vendors, or colleagues regarding any changes or status updates that may concern them. These emails include, but are not limited to, sales order confirmation, new task notification, shipping information, etc. The Automated Emails are quick, easy, and readily customizable, which allows your business to communicate with simplicity.

Email Theme
An Email Theme can be attached to all outgoing emails sent from Servora Enterprise Solutions. All aspects of the theme, which includes the color, size, logo, text, etc., are customizable to suit your company's culture or objective. Themes can be created and stored for later use.

Personal Email Templates
Every employee that has access to Servora Enterprise Solutions can create and store email templates for their own personal use. These templates can be easily created, customized, and used repeatedly to reduce time spent on reconstructing emails for the same purpose.

Dynamic Emails
Dynamic Emails help you customize and tailor the content of each email for individual recipient. Dynamic Emails are especially important during the use of Mass Emails to your leads, customers, vendors, or employees. Rather than addressing your recipient as "Dear Customer," you can address them by their actual names so it feels more personable. Many other dynamic data can also be included into your emails.

Employee Edit Trail
A history of all Email Template creation, modification, and updates will be recorded within Servora Enterprise Solutions. This detailed history provides information about any changes as well as any addendums.