Pricing Management
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Define and Manage Your Pricing Rules

Servora Pricing Management allows you to define pricing rules so consistent pricing will always apply for your customers. Pricing Management gives you pricing flexibility and offers quantity discounts, customer discounts, customer specific pricing, and other related pricing structures which you may utilize. By providing consistent pricing, you will gain trust and customer loyalty while decreasing any internal errors associated with pricing discrepancies.

Quantity Discounts
Quantity Discounts allow you to preset the discounts you wish to give when your customers buy up to a certain quantity tier. These discounts will automatically be applied when placing the Sales Order.

Customer Discounts
Customer Discounts allow you to define discounts according to customer types. Customer types can range from corporate, employee, basic, online, etc. These defined Customer Discounts will automatically apply when placing a sales order.

Custom Pricing
Custom Pricing allows you to edit the balance of your sales order. This gives you the flexibility to place a premium or discount on a certain sales order.

Tax Calculation
When a sales order is placed, applicable sales tax will automatically be calculated into each sales order unless otherwise defined, therefore providing you and your customers' details regarding the amount of tax for each sales order.

Multiple Shipping Prices
Multiple Shipping Rates can be predefined so that shipping & handling costs will be included in each sales order. This provides you and your customers' the details pertaining to shipping costs for each sales order.