Return Order Fulfillment
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Generate, Process, and Complete an RMA Order with Ease

Return Order Fulfillment gives you the tools to generate, process, and complete an RMA order. This promotes a fluent workflow for the entire fulfillment process, starting from the time that a customer requests a RMA to the point where the customer receives the refund or replacement. These tools simplify and shorten the entire RMA fulfillment process, which allows you to ensure prompt refund or item exchange  to boost customer satisfaction. This eliminates many manual check points and paper trails so your company can enjoy greater operational efficiency and data accuracy.

RMA Order Generation
A RMA order can be quickly generated from all of your existing Sales Orders. When an RMA order is created, Servora Enterprise Solutions will automatically notify the Shipping/Receiving department to expect the receipt of a RMA item.

RMA Receiving
With a click of a button, the Shipping/Receiving department can mark a RMA order as "Received" or "Partially Received." After receipt of the item, the user handling the RMA order will be notified immediately so they can issue a refund or fulfill an exchange order.

After receiving the returned item, you can manually refund or issue a credit back to the customer. This will automatically complete the RMA order.

After receiving the returned item, an exchange order can be generated. After shipping the replacement item to the customer, the RMA order is completed.

Inventory Adjustments
Your inventory will reflect the number of items used for replacement in the RMA which will give an accurate count of your current inventory. Items that have been returned by customers can be repaired and added back into your inventory or be sent back to your vendors.

Auto Email Notification
Whenever the status of an RMA is updated, you will have the option to notify the customer regarding the status of their RMA with an automated email. This keeps your customers updated at all times and makes them feel that their business is appreciated.

RMA Fulfillment Trail
Starting from the creation of a RMA order to its final completion stage, each step will be logged into Servora Enterprise Solutions. This information will provide specific details regarding the date and time a RMA order was requested and the employee who authorized and fulfilled the RMA order.