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Promote Your Business with Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Servora partners with the leading advertising firms to help you promote your business through their marketing channels. It can promote your products on Google, and it allows you to embrace the power of social networking by connecting to Facebook and Twitter.

Google Merchant Center
Servora's Ecommerce solution is fully integrated with Google Merchant Center to bring the maximum exposure of your products through Google. Your entire product list is uploaded to google merchant center for use in AdWords ads, Google Search, Google Product Search, and Google Commerce Search. It is fully synchronized with your most current product list, and any changes you made within Servora will also be submitted to Google instantly without manual editing.

Facebook Integration
Connect your company's Facebook page to Servora, you will be able to add social links to your products, and gather fans to help you promote your company.

Twitter Integration
Servora is the first and only ERP system that is fully integrated with Twitter, you can Tweet about your new products and you can Tweet about the newest promotion or the discount code you offer when you create a new campaign. Integration
Allow visitors to share you products with most popular social networks available, including facebook, twitter, myspace, google plus and more. Servora is fully integrated with and setup only takes minutes to complete.