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Generate More Sales with Discounts, Coupons, & Promotions

Promotional Tools gives you the ability to increase sales and monitor your promotions. It allows you to generate and track coupon codes. Since each coupon code is tracked individually, you can control the total number of discounts and usage. Promotional Tools gives you the ability to offer a special discount to a number of different customers. This provides the flexibility of choosing between consistent discount pricing or specific discount pricing for customers.

Special Discounts
You have the ability to give different customers their own unique pricing, which is especially common in the wholesale business. Servora Enterprise Solutions allows users to choose whether to reuse that unique pricing for repeat orders or to change that pricing. Having Special Discounts for select customers will remove the hassles of retrieving specialized pricing for them. This pricing consistency adds to your customer's trust and loyalty.

Customer Type
Customer Type can be preset for each individual customer so certain discounts can automatically be applied. Consistent discounting without the hassles of looking up customer's record and then applying their discount codes allow customers to purchase easily without hassle.

Quantity Discounts
In order to provide additional incentives, you can preset the number of discounts to provide further incentives for your customers. Quantity Discounts can be displayed onto your Website allowing ease of purchasing for your customer. These Quantity Discounts will automatically apply if the Sales Order is eligible for Quantity Discount.

Online Coupons
Online Coupons allows you to generate special coupon codes to stimulate your online sales revenue. You can create coupon value by regulating the coupon validation period and generating unique coupon codes to promote higher coupon redemption rates.

Coupon Redemption
Both new and existing customers can redeem their coupons by providing their unique coupon codes. Because each coupon code is unique, you can prevent customers from abusing coupon redemption.

Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates are excellent options in rewarding customer loyalty or encouraging customers to purchase them as a gift. Gift Certificates can easily be created by senior level management employees with clearance and can be given out as rewards. Gift Certificates can also be purchased by customers by selecting the dollar amount of the amount they want. They make perfect last-minute gifts and can be tracked automatically.