Knowledge Base
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Providing a Wealth of Information to Your Customers & Vendors

Knowledge Base is an information archive that provides general answers and information for your customers and vendors. This helps address and clarify any ambiguity in the business process and business terms. The Knowledge Base can be accessed anytime and is a very beneficial resource for your customers, prospects, and vendors. The articles in your Knowledge Base can be selectively displayed on your Website, Customer Center, and Vendor Center.

Publishing & Approval
Prior to a Knowledge Base article being published, an approval process for the article is required. After review, the article will be displayed onto the desired location.

Article Search & Categorization
Individual Knowledge Base articles can be categorized, allowing your customers and vendors to browse through the information easily. Your customers and vendors can also utilize the quick search to locate the answers they need immediately.

Selective Article Publishing
A Knowledge Base article can be displayed in your Website, Customer Center, and Vendor Center. You will also have the option in selecting where the Knowledge Base article will be displayed.

Real-time Integrations
Whenever a Knowledge Base article is updated, your Website, Customer Center, and Vendor Center will reflect these updates. This gives you the freedom of not having to manage the contents of your different publishing sites separately.