Ecommerce Features
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Provide a Pleasant Online Shopping Experience

Ecommerce Features provide the general features and functions for your customers to interact with and shop at your website. Since your Ecommerce website is fully integrated with Servora's management solutions, you can easily manage, edit, and update these Ecommerce features so you can provide a pleasant online shopping experience for your customers.

Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart allows your customers to accumulate a list of items to be purchased from your website. They can review the items that are ready to be purchased and eventually place an order containing those items. Items can be added or removed from the shopping cart before the order is finalized.

Customer Self-Registration
Your web visitors can self-register for an online account on your website. Their registration information will automatically be displayed onto your CRM solution without the need of transferring or re-entering data.

Customer Login
Your customers will be able to login to your website for a more personalized service. They can review their orders, interact with your customer service department, and rate your products.

Order Tracking
When your customer logs into your website, they can see the status of their current sales orders. The order status displayed on the website is the same order status as in your Order Fulfillment solution. This replaces the need for customers to call you to track their orders.

Order History
When your customer logs into your website, they can see all the orders that they have previously placed with you. This helps your customers review their past orders and to easily request an RMA or open a Support Case.

Customer Support
All your customers may file a Support Case through their account in your website at any time. They can relate the Support Case to specific issues to avoid ambiguity.

Support Case History
When your customers log into your website, they can see all the support cases they have previously filed. They can refer back to these cases to resolve a repeating customer issue.

Knowledge Base
Whenever a customer has a problem or question, they can always refer to your Knowledge Base and search for a solution. You Knowledge Base can be updated at any time using your Customer Support solution.

Related Products
When your customers are viewing a specific product on your website, they will also see that product's related products as you defined under Products Management. This helps increase your revenue per sales order and avoids missing essential accessories when purchasing a product.

Homepage Ads
You can place as many homepage advertisements as you wish to promote your products or to introduce your company. These advertisements can range from Flash images to simple Jpeg images.

Video Ads
You can also place videos on your website for advertisement, company introduction, or other purposes. Videos can be easily added and removed through your Site Building Tools.

Product Reviews
Your customers may rate your products so other web visitors may learn more about your product. This builds trust between you and your web visitors. These Product Reviews may also be seen under your Products Management solution.

Document Downloads
You can attach documents such as user manual or in-depth product details under your products detail for your web visitors or customers to download. These attachments are easily uploaded and removed by using your Products Management solution.

Quick Search
Quick Search allows your web visitors or customers to easily locate a specific product in your website. This provides another way for your web visitors to navigate your website.